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Water heaters are a critical part of our Home lives. From the moment we wake up until our final moments of the day, we depend on our hot water for so many different tasks. From washing our face and taking a shower to preparing food or cleaning the area around us, we have come to expect and depend on our Texas hot water supply. But what happens when that supply is interrupted for some reason? If you’re struggling with inconsistent temperatures, your hot water smells or appears strange, or your Plano water heater shuts off and refuses to turn on again, give Pure Plumbing a call and let our Plano water heater repairs team handle the issue for you.

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They came and took care of my defective Roman style bathtub faucet that was leaking water and had to be replaced. Uriel was outstanding in his assessment and the actual repair work that was performed. Highly recommend. ”
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Are You Experiencing These Problems? You Might Have a Water Heater Issue

At their core, water heaters are pretty simple devices: they heat water up to the desired temperature and then send it to various points in your home through a network of hot water lines. How they heat this water isn’t necessarily the same. Electric water heaters use electric resistance heating elements to directly infuse heat into a tank of water. Gas water heaters burn natural gas or propane to create heat that is then imbued into the water in your holding tank. Heat pump water heaters are an energy-efficient way of heating water that involves collecting ambient heat from the air and using it to heat water.
We fix all types of water heating problems, including:
An average water heater will generally last around 10 years or so when properly cared for, and even longer if paired with a whole-home water filtration system that removes mineral content that could accumulate in your holding tank. At Pure Plumbing, we quickly identify your problem and use high-quality replacement parts and materials to provide you with a solution that fixes the problem for good.

How Can We Help?

We provide the following Plano water heater services:

Water Heater Installation – A leaking water heater tank is not an issue that can typically be repaired. While leaks in things like connections to water lines can be repaired, a leaking tank requires extensive damage to the water heater’s energy-efficient insulation and metal body. This not only ruins the tank’s energy efficiency but often only slightly prolongs the life of the tank until another leak forms. Our team will help you identify the source of your leak and give you an honest assessment of your situation. However, most leaking water heater tanks need to be replaced.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs – Not only do we install new tankless water heaters, but we also offer quality repair services. Our systems are capable of working with all major makes and models, offering you peace of mind. Using only the highest quality parts and materials, we ensure that everything from the simplest issues to the largest and most complex problems are handled correctly. You can even count on us for emergency repairs.

Routine Water Heater Maintenance – The secret to a more efficient and more reliable water heater is routine maintenance. Every six months to a year, it pays to drain your Plano water heater tank and remove some of the sediment and debris that has built up in the tank over time. This also gives you an opportunity to check your heating elements, clean your burner, and perform other key maintenance tasks that increase efficiency and prolong the life of this all-important appliance. Looking for someone to take care of this task for you? Look to the team at Pure Plumbing to do the job right!

Why Choose Pure Plumbing?

At Pure Plumbing, your satisfaction is our motivation. Everything we do is held to high standards so you will be happy with the work we do. From simple fixes for routine issues to complex repairs for modern water heating systems, we never cut corners or make sacrifices that might jeopardize our craftsmanship and we follow the Water Heater Requirements. Plus, you can always expect care and service that treats your home the same way we would treat a best friend or family member. We offer repairs for all makes and models of water heaters, including older and newer heaters, hybrid heaters, heat pump water heaters, and even tankless water heater systems as well!

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

  • Eight fully-licensed and certified plumbers
  • Four skilled and experienced lead technicians
  • Two veteran supervisors
  • Five plumbing installers
  • Five plumbing apprentices
  • Sixteen office staff members
  • 24 fully-loaded and professionally-marked service vans

Whether you are in Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Allen, or the surrounding areas, we’d be happy to earn your business! Our team of professionals are experts in water heater repairs across the greater Dallas metroplex area and will treat you like family. Give us a call today!

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