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Hydro Jetting Services

Over the years of carrying waste and water out to your septic tank or the sewer system, your sewer line will eventually collect an abundance of grime, waste, and other substances in its interior. This is fairly normal and unavoidable, but it can cause a problem. As this grime collects, it slowly starts to cut off and obstruct your sewer line, eventually closing off and blocking the line entirely. When these obstructions are too large, too solid, or even caused by external forces (such as tree roots), getting rid of them can be tricky. In the past, this used to mean having to dig out your blocked line and replace it entirely. However, today our hydro jetting repair team can solve this problem with a safe, effective, and affordable alternative process known as “hydro jetting.”
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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a service that cleans out your main sewer line using the power of water under high pressure. This involves feeding a specialized jetting tool into your main sewer line, allowing it to blast all sides of the line as well as blockages and obstructions with jets of water under extremely high pressure. In fact, hydro jetting machines can often reach pressures of roughly 5,000 PSI so that they can obliterate virtually any blockage or clog in a drain line with ease.

Once a video inspection of your line confirms that your sewer is in good enough condition to withstand hydro jetting service, we feed this tool into your line and fire up the pressure. As the tool travels up the line, it both eliminates blockages by pelting them with high-pressure water and scrubs the walls of your plumbing line with several smaller jets. This thoroughly and completely cleans your sewer line, both eliminating the blockage that was causing your problem and preventing other blockages from forming both now and in the future as well. The entire process takes only a few hours to complete and can help you avoid sewer problems for a considerable amount of time into the future.


Signs My Sewer Line Is Blocked

A hydro jetting service might be the best solution for you when your sewer line is blocked or obstructed. But how do you know when there is a blockage in your line without looking in there for yourself? While a camera inspection service can help a professional Plano plumber spot any problems in your sewer, there are a few signs that you can keep an eye out for that indicate a problem with your sewer system.
You may want to consider a hydro jetting service if:

Sewer line obstructions generally impact your entire property. While a localized problem in one are of your home might indicate a smaller issue, a whole-home issue is generally indicative of a sewer problem. Hydro jetting may be the solution to these issues, and our Hydro jetting services team invite you to schedule an inspection to learn more today.

However, hydro jetting services does not solve structural issues, nor can it be attempted on sewer lines that are in extremely poor condition. For example, sewer lines that have collapsed or badly corroded will need to be replaced entirely. Likewise, separated or badly cracked lines often can’t be fixed by hydro jetting without further damaging the line. Our Plano plumbing team will discuss the state of your sewer line with you before beginning so you can get a better idea of how best to treat your sewer issues.

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