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Gravity is a great way to get things to flow downward toward the earth, but it isn’t all that great about pushing things back up. That’s why plumbing fixtures that are underground, such as basements or other features that are located beneath the public sewer levels need electric pumps to carry the water and waste that are produced or collected in these areas back upward. Once back at sewer level, gravity takes over again and carries the waste and water away. However, you will need an ejector pump to push the water and waste back up to this level from the collection point, and you can call the team at Next Plumbing Services for all of your ejector pump related needs.

At Next Plumbing Services, we understand these pumps inside and out. We repair old, broken down units, replace defunct or inoperative units, and even tune-up and maintain units to keep them working properly. If you are constructing a new underground feature, we can outfit your property with a new ejector pump that propels your unwanted water and waste upward safely and securely. And we do all of it while providing customer care and plumbing service that can only be offered by a family-owned company. We treasure our relationships with our customers, and offer unmatched value and professional care that treats your home the way we treat our own.

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How Ejector Pumps Work​

Ejector pumps are pretty simple devices. All of the drains in an underground area are typically collected at a low point, and the pump is installed at this low point for maximum effectiveness. Ejector pumps then propel this water and waste back upward, allowing it to meet up with either a larger drain line or the main sewer line itself. From there, the water and waste collected can be either carried out to the main sewer system or out to a septic treatment field for processing.

In basements or underground areas that have a bathroom or that may require handling solid waste, you need a slightly different type of ejector pump. Grinder pumps use specialized grinding plates to break solid waste down into a state that won’t jam up or damage the pump as it is sent back upward. These are also strongly recommended for underground laundry rooms or facilities, as the collected dirt from laundry might still cause problems for some ejector pumps.


Ejector Pump Repairs & Installation in Dallas

Ejector pumps are critical because they need to be constantly on and ready to go, reliable, and in good working condition. However, they have a pretty rough job as it is, and it’s not uncommon for wear and tear to eventually take their toll. At Pure Plumbing, we offer installation and replacement for new ejector pump systems, repairs for damaged units, and inspection and maintenance services that keep your underground bathrooms and laundry facilities working smoothly. When these components are as important as they are, make sure they get the proper care and attention they need from the experienced team at Pure Plumbing.

Do I Need an Ejector Pump?

Determining whether or not you need an ejector pump is actually pretty simple: if you have an underground bathroom, laundry room, or other fixture that has running water or requires a drain, then you should absolutely install an ejector pump. If you simply are planning on using your underground space for storage, a bedroom, a game room, or even just an emergency shelter, then you might not need one of these pump systems. However, every underground room will need some sort of a pump system for protection against flood waters and soil-absorbed moisture. This is typically provided by a sump pump, which is used to pump water out of a collection point known as a sump basin.

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