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When your drains stop working, life can get frustrating in a hurry. You depend on drains to carry used water, collected waste, and plenty of other debris away from your home and out to the sewer system or your septic tank. However, drains can only do this if they are in good repair and free from flaws and other problems. Obstructed drains are slow, and before long they will eventually back up completely, preventing water and waste from leaving as it should. This backup can be smelly, unsanitary, and unsightly, and it can cause even bigger problems if it isn’t properly taken care of. For a proper drain cleaning service, call the team at Pure Plumbing today.

At Pure Plumbing, we know that dirty drains can be frustrating, and that getting them moving again is likely the biggest thing on your mind. Rather than risking a DIY repair that could cause additional damage and headaches, leave the job to us. We offer comprehensive drain cleaning services that don’t just free up your clogs, but instead clean the inside of your drains entirely. Removing the debris and grime that is causing the blockage prevents the problem from coming back, stops further clogs from forming elsewhere in your drain cleaning system, and ensures that your drains are in good condition for the foreseeable future. We take pride in offering honest service, great value, and friendly technicians who treat you and your home the right way.

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They came and took care of my defective Roman style bathtub faucet that was leaking water and had to be replaced. Uriel was outstanding in his assessment and the actual repair work that was performed. Highly recommend. ”
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  • There are plenty of ways to get a drain moving again. In fact, your home improvement warehouse sells several different types of drain cleaning tools and materials. Some work better than others, however none of them can provide you with the confidence and thoroughness that a professional drain cleaning service can. Augers, snakes, and other drain tools generally loosen clogs and can partially remove some amount of the obstruction in the way, but they don’t typically solve the problem entirely. Because part of the obstruction remains stuck in the line, it’s only a matter of time before it comes back and you’re in the same situation again.

    Drain cleaning is different. Drain cleaning not only removes obstructions, but eliminates all traces of them entirely. This process cleans the walls of your drain line, making them smooth and clear once again. Without any debris to latch onto, drain clogs have a hard time forming again, and that means a properly working drain for a long time to come.

    Our professional drain cleaning services can remove all types of debris, including:

Jetting is a method of cleaning drains that plumbers love to use for a variety of reasons. Jetting is safe, effective, all-natural, non-toxic, and far more thorough than any other type of drain cleaning before. This process is pretty much pressure washing for the inside of your drain lines—using the power of water under high pressure to blast debris off of the walls of your drain and flush it away properly. This type of cleaning is great for everything from kitchen drains to bathroom drains to surface and utility drains alike.

If jetting doesn’t work for your situation, or if your clog is based around something unexpected getting stuck in your line, our team has other alternative methods for removing these blockages the right way. We can even recover things stuck in drains! Plus with 24/7 emergency services available, we are able to help at any time of the day.

Drain cleaning is oftentimes the most frequent plumbing service that we offer – and there’s a reason for it. Keeping up with clean drains and blockage-free plumbing is a great measure to ensure you are not paying hefty fees for complete plumbing repairs down the road. If you’re experiencing one or many of the signs below, it may be time to call in the Plan drain cleaning experts.

Signs you need a drain cleaning service:

You should first try to understand the severity of your drain blockage or plumbing issues before thinking that you need a complete drain repair. Sometimes you are in luck and could use a simple drain cleaning service to remove a blocked or clogged drain. However, if you have suspicions that multiple drains are backed up or the plumbing system as a whole is not functioning properly, get a hold of one of our Plano drain repair experts right away.

Reasons you may need a drain repair:

If you have a decommissioned gas line that you would like to reactivate, call Pure Plumbing! When you want to take advantage of a sealed gas line once again, our team can safely uncap the line, reconnect a new fixture, and connect it properly so you can take advantage of the power of natural gas once again. If you want to move away from a natural gas connection in favor of an all-electric option, we can even cap your gas lines for you, ensuring that the line is safe and secure.

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